Java HashMap – Remove Entries

Learn about removing entries from a HashMap, including removing by key, with an iterator and bulk removal with a filter.

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1. Introduction

After covering HashMap basics, iteration and searching/sorting, let us look at a few ways of removing entries from a HashMap.

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Java HashMap Search and Sort

Search and sort a HashMap by key as well as by value.

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1. Introduction

Having explored HashMap in several previous articles (here and here), let us now learn how to search and sort a HashMap by key as well as value.

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Java Collections – HashMap

Create a HashMap by parsing CSV. Declare and use a multi-map (a HashMap inside a HashMap).

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Check out the previous parts of this Java Collections Guide: Introduction, Part 1 – Collection, Part 2 – Sets and Part 3 – ArrayList.

1. Introduction

The HashMap implements the Map interface and provides the abstraction of a dictionary mapping of keys to values. It is a part of the Java Collections Framework but does not fall under the Iterable and Collection hierarchy. In this article, we learn how to use HashMaps.

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