Exult Professional Edition for MySQL

Browsing Data after importing XML Browsing Data after importing XML.
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Connecting to a MySQL Database Connecting to an MySQL Database.
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Import data from XML files into a MySQL database.

Exult Professional Edition for MySQL is an easy-to-use Wizard Application which makes it very easy to import the data from one or more XML files into a MySQL database.

  • No programming required: Exult automatically identifies tables and columns while opening the XML file.
  • Import XML data feeds: Easily import & update XML data feeds into your MySQL database. With a single click! Can import any valid XML, not just common feed formats like RSS, Atom, etc.
  • XML relationships mirrored in the database: XML element structure is mirrored in the database using primary and foreign keys.
  • Tables and Columns created: Database tables and columns are automatically created from XML element and attribute information.
  • Merge data from multiple XML files: Exult performs rule-based scanning to perform smart merge of data from multiple XML files. Makes your data look as though it was loaded from a single XML file!
  • Optimized for large files: Large and complex XML files are easily imported without running into large memory requirements. Exult is built for handling heavy-duty processing jobs without crashing due to running out of memory.
  • Import XML resources on the Web: Exult can import XML from HTTP or FTP urls directly.
  • Quick & Easy: No need to struggle with XSL stylesheets, Java or .NET programming.
  • Batch Processing: Need to import data regularly on a schedule? No problem. Use the included command-line interface to automate your XML data processing jobs.

Importing XML into MySQL Demos

Get started with importing XML into MySQL


Exult Professional Edition for MySQL has been confirmed to work with the following versions of MySQL:

  • MySQL 5 (all editions and platforms)
  • MySQL 4 (all editions and platforms)

System Requirements

Hardware Pentinum III and later.
Operating System Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows Server 2003
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Software Access to a MySQL Database
The MySQL database can be located on the local machine or on a remote server.

Exult Professional Edition for MySQL Trial

You can use the Exult Professional Edition for MySQL in trial mode for 14 days. During the trial period, about 50% of the information in the XML file is imported correctly into the MySQL database. To be able to import the data completely, upgrade to the registered version.

Our Guarantee

You are encouraged to complete the purchase of a license as soon as possible once you determine that Exult Professional Edition for MySQL is suitable for you. You can always return it for a refund within 30 days if you are not satisfied.

Bug fix upgrades are free for the lifetime of the product. We won't ask you to pay again for an upgrade if you find a bug in the version you have purchased.

When you purchase the Exult Professional Edition for MySQL, you won't be caught purchasing an older version when a newer version is around the corner. You get free upgrades to the latest version for upto 90 days from the date of your purchase.

Safe & Secure

  • We warrant that all our products including the Exult Professional Edition for MySQL is free from Adware, Spyware, Malware, Viruses, Key Loggers or Trojans.
  • We use digital signature technology to sign all our executables. For your safety, please ensure that you install ONLY executable setup files signed by Novixys Software, Inc. (See picture for illustration.)

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