Compare XML Conversion Software versions

We are pleased to offer a choice for converting XML: Exult XML Conversion Wizard or Swift XML Converter. While both offer similar functionalities in certain aspects, they are intended for different usage scenarios. Use the comparison table below to decide which one to use.

Exult XML Conversion Wizard

Swift XML Converter

Relationships figured out from XML structure
Data tables are created with parent - child relationships mirroring the XML structure.
Table data automatically extracted from XML
The XML Structure is processed in an intuitive way to extract table data and each table is written to a separate worksheet, thus simplifying the task of sorting through the data.
Merge & extract data from multiple XML files
When multiple XML files are selected for processing, smart parsing will ensure the data will be merged according to the XML file structure.
Import data from attributes too
Attribute information within the XML is treated similarly to element information and is extracted to appropriate worksheets.
Supports multiple export formats
Export data from XML to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, CSV, Text or HTML.
Export data to Microsoft Excel
Export data to Microsoft Access
Export data to CSV
Export data to Text
Export data to HTML
Select tables for extraction
After the XML file is loaded, you can preview the data and select the tables you want to export.
Select columns for extraction
Don't want to see some columns in the output? Hide them with a click! You can also include columns from multiple tables in the output. Tables are automatically joined with the correct relationships in place.
Change column labels
Edit column labels to use more meaningful names. Default labels are based on the XML element/attribute names.
Apply filters to select data
Use filters to show data matching your criteria. No technical expertise needed!
Sort data
Easily sort data by clicking on the column headers in the grid view. No need to deal with messy XPath or XSL expressions!
Enhanced Excel output with visual styles, etc.
Save parsed XML for later extraction
Save the results of processing the XML and re-run the queries when needed. You can also add more XML files later.
Import XML directly from Web & FTP URLs
Process XML from Web & FTP URLs as easily as local files.
Import XML directly from Zip archives
Import XML from Zip archives without having to unzip the archive first.
Merge tables to flatten XML hierarchy
Once the XML has been parsed, you can merge tables with its descendants to create a flat view of the data.
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Argon DataViz

Create Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts from Large Datasets.

Swift XML Converter

Query & extract XML data into Microsoft Excel (XLS), Microsoft Access (MDB or ACCDB), or CSV.

Exult Standard

Convert XML into Microsoft Excel (XLS), Microsoft Access (MDB or ACCDB), or CSV.

Exult SQL Server

Shred and import XML into SQL Server.

Exult MySQL

Import XML data into automatically created MySQL tables.

Exult Oracle

Import XML into Oracle.