3.5 XML Processing Screen

XML Processing Screen

The processing screen shows the progress of opening (parsing) the XML file. Since Exult can process many XML files at once, the processing screen shows two progress bars: The top bar shows the progress for opening the current file and the bottom bar shows the position of the current file in the list of files.

Once each file is successfully processed, it is added to the ‘Sucessfully Processed’ list. If an error is encountered while processing a file, the file is added to the ‘Error encountered’ list. You can double-click on each file in this list to obtain the details of the error.

Note that processing is not interrupted when processing multiple XML files: The file encountering the error is added to the ‘Error encountered’ list and any changes till the error was encountered are ignored (rolled back, in database parlance).

XML Processing Screen with errors

When an error is encountered and processing of the remaining files is completed, the ‘Next’ button is grayed out. You will need to check the ‘Ignore the file(s) which had the error’ checkbox to continue. This is to draw attention to the errors. Once the checkbox is selected, you can click Next to continue onwards to the next screen.

Detailed error while processing XML

As shown the error details box shows the position of the error, so if it looks simple, you can correct the error in an editor such as Notepad or Wordpad.

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