4.1.2 Merge multiple XML files and convert to Excel(XLS) using the command line

Excel uses a smart merge technology to automatically merge data from multiple XML files. This comes in very handy if you have similar data in many XML files (maybe you receive this everyday), and you need to convert data in these XML files to a single Excel spreadsheet.

The conversion is very simple: just list out all the XML files you need to merge and extract to Excel. In the following example, sales data for each month is merged and extracted to an XLS file.

Exultcmd.exe -t XLS -f sales.xls -w sales-062007.xml sales-072007.xml sales-082007.xml

Soon gets tedious if you need to explicitly list out all the XML files for conversion. Just use a wildcard.

Exultcmd.exe -t XLS -f sales.xls -w sales*.xml

What if you need to merge all XML files in a directory and extract to Excel?

Exultcmd.exe -t XLS -f sales.xls -w C:\Dir\*.xml

How about merging XML files in multiple directories? Follow this example:

Exultcmd.exe -t XLS -f sales.xls -w C:\DirA\*.xml C:\DirB\*.xml

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