Specifying URLs

In addition to file paths on the computer, you can also specify remote URLs: Web (HTTP) and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) URLs to import the XML from.


Specify a HTTP URL by copying it from the Web Browser, for example.


If access to the file requires a user name and password, you can specify it in the following format. Please note that this works only when using HTTP based authentication (Basic or Digest). It does NOT work with HTTP Form-based authentication (where you enter the user name and password into a Web form to gain access).



In addition to HTTP URLs (used in web browsing), you can also add FTP URLs from which the XML is to be imported.

Type an FTP URL as follows. Note that this example uses anonymous FTP to fetch the XML file.


Need to use a user name and password to retrieve the file? Specify the URL in the following format.


If the FTP server needs a port to be specified, use the following format:


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