Software Maintenance Policy

Keep your software up-to-date with an Annual Software Maintenance Program.

We are constantly working to improve our products by incorporating customer suggested changes, fixing bugs and to cater to increased customer expectations. To make it cost effective for our customers to get upgrades as and when they are available, we offer an Annual Software Maintenance Program, the details of which are listed below.

Annual Software Maintenance Program

The Annual Software Maintenance Program allows you to get free upgrades which are released during the year. Payment for the program is required to be made in advance and will be renewed every year unless you inform us that you no longer need it.

The Software Maintenance Program must be ordered during the purchase of a license for the specific product. We may, at our discretion, offer the Software Maintenance Program to registered customers at other times.


Although we constantly strive to improve our software, we cannot guarantee product upgrades within any specific period of time. Also, please note that we will make our best attempts to notify registered product users of enhancements to products; however, the best way to learn of upgrades is to periodically visit our website.

Argon DataViz

Create Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts from Large Datasets.

Swift XML Converter

Query & extract XML data into Microsoft Excel (XLS), Microsoft Access (MDB or ACCDB), or CSV.

Exult Standard

Convert XML into Microsoft Excel (XLS), Microsoft Access (MDB or ACCDB), or CSV.

Exult SQL Server

Shred and import XML into SQL Server.

Exult MySQL

Import XML data into automatically created MySQL tables.

Exult Oracle

Import XML into Oracle.