SQL Server Database Cleanup

Exult SQL Server Database Cleanup Wizard assists you in cleaning up all changes made by Exult SQL Server to an SQL Server database. This operation might be necessary at times to start with a clean database (possibly for a fresh XML import into SQL Server). The procedure deletes all objects created and managed by Exult while leaving the other database objects alone. Note that if you make any changes to the database schema created by Exult, those changes will also be deleted.

  • Start up the Exult Database Cleanup Wizard and click Next on the opening screen. The Database Cleanup Wizard should be installed at the same location as Exult SQL Server is installed.

    Opening Screen of Database Cleanup Wizard, part of Exult
       XML Importer

  • On the connection page, enter the SQL Server connection parameters and click Next.

    Connecting to SQL Server using Exult SQL Server

  • Once the connection is established, the database is queried for objects created and managed by Exult (when shredding XML).

    Listing database objects in an SQL Server database created
       by Exult SQL Server

  • As the page instructs, once the database objects are listed, click Next to perform the cleanup. To abort the cleanup, just click Cancel.

    Showing the Cleanup progress during Database Cleanup
       operation of Exult SQL Server.

  • And thus the cleanup operation is completed. This operation can be repeated as often as necessary when testing Exult SQL Server XML import.

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