1. Import XML into SQL Server


Exult is a powerful Windows application which helps you shred XML and import the data into an SQL Server database.

Exult works primarily with data-centric XML files to extract data to SQL Server. The XML structure information is reflected in the database using primary and foreign key constraints.

Main Features

  • Automatically figures out Table Data: The XML is shredded in an intuitive way to extract table data simplifying the task of sorting through the data.
  • Tables and Columns created: Database tables and columns are automatically created from XML element and attribute information.
  • Maintains Table Relationships: Table relationships (which are dictated by the XML structure) are maintained by the use of auto-generated primary and foreign keys. Makes it easy to see how the data in separate tables relate to each other.
  • Merge and import data from multiple XML files: Smart parsing ensures that the data will be merged according to the XML file structure.
  • Imports Attribute information too when loading XML: Attribute information within the XML is treated similar to element information and is extracted to appropriate tables.
  • Optimized for large files: Large and complex XML files are easily imported without running into large memory requirements.
  • Process many files at once: Import data from a single file or hundreds of files at once. Exult for SQL Server is built for handling heavy-duty processing jobs with a minimum of fuss.
  • Automate Imports: Automate XML import into SQL Server using the included command line interface. Use the Windows Scheduler to schedule jobs to run as frequently as you want.

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