Our Customers

  • RAND Corporation
  • Eastbay
  • Coats Plc
  • Siemens Wind Power
  • Matrix Science
  • Utah Transit Authority
  • Aircom International
  • University of Chicago
  • Janssen Pharmaceutica
  • Independent Express Cargo

View XML Data in a Tabular Format

XML is converted to a tabular format making it easy to consume business data received from vendors & partners.

Extract XML data to multiple formats

XML data can be exported to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access and CSV.

Merge Multiple XML Files

Merge data from multiple XML files. Smart parsing ensures the data will be merged according to the XML file structure.

Optimized for Large XML Files

Large and complex XML files are easily imported without running into large memory requirements.

Automatically figures out XML relationships.

Database tables are created with parent - child relationships mirroring the XML structure.

Tables and Columns created.

Database tables and columns are automatically created from XML elements and attributes.

Command Line for Batch Processing.

Need to import data regularly on a schedule? No problem. Use the included command-line program to automate your data extraction jobs.